"Take the chance, it's now or never, don't do anything that you will regret later on", said Flory.


Cleo, why didn't you? Why didn't you just listen to your heart? So now you're regretting? It's too late..

I wanna tell you some...
I wanna tell you what I wanna say with my heart..
I wanna...... I wanna.....
These are... Just my wishful thinkings, I just couldn't bring myself to do it..

I only shout those words, that phrase, that you can't hear..
That short phrase is too difficult for me. I can't even open my mouth..

That short phrase is too precious to me. If only you could utter it, that short phrase, out of anything in the world, I will be happy.

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flo said...

sarangheyo uppa..... naaaa.. told uuuuuuuu

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